The Importance of the Right Incontinence Product

by | Oct 1, 2014 | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, this elder care consultant got an in depth education about the importance of finding the right incontinence product, AKA adult diapers. It can make all the difference not only for the person in need but the caregiver as well.

The catalyst for learning that all diapers are not created equal occurred when I met with Herb.  He is stoically caring for his wife.  I was meeting with him to help him hire a caregiver. He apologized for being exhausted the morning we met.  He explained that he had to change his wife twice during the night. Having to change her and the bedding is no small feat, especially at age 82. Add to this the disruption to Herb’s sleep, a home health aide could not be hired fast enough.

Beyond the aide, we talked about the type of adult diaper his wife was using. It was an extra absorbent one that was sold by one of the large chain drug stores, think letters in the alphabet. Clearly, it wasn’t doing the job. While at the house, I decided we should call someone who specializes in incontinence products, an adult diaper specialist if you will. Enter Lucille Levine of Disposables Delivered (  A nurse by profession she started her company knowing that there is no such thing as one type of adult diaper fits all. Herb got on the phone and I picked up an extension. The questions Lucille asked about Herb’s wife’s incontinency were extensive. Based on his responses, that day, free of charge, she sent out samples of two types of adult diapers that she felt would remediate the problem.  As Herb was helped, so I learned.

Fast forward ten days. Herb tried each of the samples for a few nights. The improvement was, as the saying goes, “overnight.” With feedback calls from Lucille an adult diaper with a leg band that had a snugger fit and greater absorbency was the answer.

As is the case when one spouse is caring for the other, both are impacted by the problem at hand. Caregiver exhaustion is quick to happen and often last to be addressed. There are no winners when devotion trumps. But there was reward. Herb’s prospect for a full night’s sleep…uninterrupted.


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