Overcoming the Stigma of Dementia

by | Oct 13, 2012 | 0 comments

A wonderful colleague, Kerry Mills, the founder of Engaging Dementia (www.engagingdementia.com) recently sent me the following Youtube from the World Alzheimer Report 2012.  I, as a geriatric care manager, Kerry, as the past director of Hearthstone, a residence for people with dementia, have known each other for many years. Our passion for helping individuals with dementia retain their dignity is mutual.

As a geriatric care manager, I have always felt that persons with dementia become invisible when they shouldn’t be. Not by the disease, but by the people around them.  They are referenced as “He” or “She.” Their names, their being, their accomplishments, all go to quickly. Friends stop calling as though dementia can be spread through telephone lines. The Youtube that follows brings attention to what we all must do. I invite you to view it.


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