Directions in Aging’s Virtual Consultation Door is Open to Help Families During COVID-19

Here in Westchester County COVID-19 has thrust family members into new and unexpected caregiving roles. Workplace and child care responsibilities are often strained by the need to oversee the needs of loved ones:

  • COVID Care in WestchesterManaging medications
  • Making sure daily food intake is more than tea and crackers
  • Coordinating medical appointments
  • Providing social connections when physical isolation has become the default remedy for the moment

For older adults, despite their life experiences, their fears are real:

  • The dread of contracting COVID-19
  • Losing a loved one to the virus
  • Hopelessness as they do not see an end to the virus
  • Concern about having enough food and medicine at home
  • Worry that they will be forgotten especially at holiday time and family celebrations.

With over two decades of helping older adults and their families, Directions in Aging can assist in addressing the unique needs that come with these uncertain times. Through telephone sessions and virtual consultations, Miriam Zucker can help you to solve such issues as:

  • What questions should I ask when hiring a caregiver during these unique times?
  • I am living at a distance, and feel awkward relying on the kindness of neighbors, what community resources are available?
  • What activities can I provide for dad who has dementia and cannot use a computer?
  • Is assisted living a consideration during these times? What are the pros and cons?
  • Mom is in a nursing home and visitation is via an IPad. How do I advocate for her and find peace of mind for myself?
  • I am sleepless thinking about dad living alone. Should I have him live with us?
  • How do I make a contingency plan in the event I get sick?

Your situation is unique. And while there are vaccines on the horizon, until that GPS can give all of us steadfast directions, let’s work together to develop the best plan of care that ensures your parents’ safety and your peace of mind.

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